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Cheap Big-Block Chevy Engine Build - $2,650 Big-Block Chevy

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Member Posts: Referrals: 0. HO racing's HC cam would work nicely too.


I would installed ? I run full roller rockers to reduce wear. I love the cam. If I could get traction out the rear end I'd "swear" I could lift the tires off the ground When I did my rebuild I went mostly stock parts just a bit hefty llike forged rods, etc. The engine was bored.

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Anyway, hope that helps some. Quote from: rkellerjr on July 12,AM. Thanks Mike Woohoo!!!!. Just wanted to provide first hand experience of a proven example of a combination. Each person has an opinion and should be proud of them as that what makes this place interesting. If everyone had the same opinion, the world would be a boring place.


The 74 should have some tweaking by Dayton for better performance. If time allows, I'll let you tell me if there is a difference. Larry, My recommendation comes from a couple Pontiac engine builders who do it as a profession.

Has your engine been rebuilt? Are you using the stock valve sorry didn't mean to say drive, I meant valve train? My engine is rebuilt. I do all my own rebuilds.

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As far as 'stock' valve train as is original from day 1, no. I feel it is foolish to spend the time and money and not replace the valves and springs.

Most valves will be pitted and or the seats may be recessed due to wear and tear.Due to shipper and supplier delays, your order may take longer to arrive.

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Joined: Aug 17, I recently installed an xeH in a Pontiac It was originally installed with your lifters from kit cl, new dual springs with spring pressure of seated and fully open, and your magnum roller tip rockers. The preload was set at one half turn past zero lash. After the original install the valve train was a little noisy at idle and the noise increased as the RPMs increased.

The noise got worse over the next couple hours of run time. One of the lifters appeared to be failing, so on the advice of my parts supplier, I returned the lifters and replaced them with your B Hylift Johnson lifters and upgraded to PRW roller rockers.

They also suggested using a heavier oil, 20w rather than the 10w I had before. The second install was also at one half turn past zero per the instructions with the lifters. The noise is currently louder than the original install.


The cam seems fine based on visual inspection and all rockers seem to have a consistent amount of lift, so I don't think I have a wiped lobe. The geometry looks good.

My oil pressure is good.

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I see in other similar posts you have suggested increasing the preload to quiet the lifters. Should I try this in my situation? What is the upper limit for this adjustment on my specific lifters? I can't find any references to B in any of your materials.

They seem to have a lot more travel then the set.See all 19 photos. We're famous for our low-buck engine builds. Longtime readers have been treated to high-winding small-blocks with stock rod bolts and sketchy, solid-cammed, big-bore stump pullers that we're not afraid to rev way past the recommended redline. Our secrets are to scrounge a short-block from a wrecking yard, fix only what is necessary, assemble the engine ourselves, and wear the proper protective head and eye gear when standing near the running engine.

383 906 heads Comp xe268h open headers

This engine is different. What intrigued us about the Demon engine was that it came nearly complete, from intake to oil pan, minus only the carburetor. It features a four-bolt block and is available in either Mark IV or Gen V guise with no changes in power output. Obviously, for less than three large, we didn't expect to find many racing components. What we did find was a motor perfectly suited to the combination of power level and engine speed.

The four-bolt block was precision-machined then fitted with new rings and bearings along with a factory cast-steel crank, reconditioned factory rods including a rod bolt upgradeand 9. According to Demon Engines, the short-block can stomach power levels above hp and 7, rpm and heavy doses of nitrous. We may well take up Demon on its offer to abuse this engine in the future, but for now, we were interested in seeing what this baby had to offer in as-delivered trim.

Producing hp is not terribly difficult in a motor displacing ci. Truth be told, the motor actually displaces ci thanks to a 0. Keeping costs down meant skipping the more expensive roller cam and sticking with a hydraulic, flat-tappet version.

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The mandatory loss of zinc content in current motor oils had many enthusiasts abandoning flat-tappet cams, but according to Demon Engines, there is no need for concern with proper preparation. In fact, Demon was quick to point out that it has never lost a flat-tappet cam or lifter on any of its engines.

The company's procedure for a long life includes moly-based assembly lube on the cam and lifters prior to installation, prelubing the motor prior to start-up, and use of a high-quality Lucas oil and high-zinc break-in lubricant.

Perhaps a touch of overkill, the procedure has proven successful, so we followed it to the letter prior to starting our Small by big-block standards, the grind offered an impressive combination of idle quality and torque production. The choice of peanut-port cylinder heads from a mid-to-late-'80s TBI big-block may concern a few enthusiasts, but the power numbers certainly demonstrated their potential. In fact, Demon was quick to point out that with a minimal amount of work, the peanut-port heads will support more than hp, so they are more than adequate for hp.

What the small ports bring to the table is improved part-throttle response and torque production. Sure, huge rectangular ports will make more power, but they will not match the driveability of the small peanut ports.

For every job there is a tool, and the peanut-port heads work very well on this application. As supplied for the hpthe heads maintain the factory valve sizing but receive a fresh surfacing, a competition valve job, and a new spring package to work with the Xtreme Energy cam profile.

The heads are secured using Fel-Pro head and intake gaskets. Working with the heads and cam is a dual-plane intake from ProComp. The Air-Gap-style intake offers impressive performance throughout the rev range, despite that it was originally intend-ed for the larger oval-port heads.Gain extra benefits by becoming a Supporting Member Click here find out how!

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Contact Us. My Cookies. Frequently Asked Questions. Forum Rules. Re: Comp Cams XE cam, anyone use it? It has a Idle that you can tell is not stock. It's a little longer duration than the XE, but close. You will have the cam in a small block and it will rumpity with more authority. I have used a lot of plain jane H's in customers car, and they all had that distinctive rumpity sound. But it surely sounded serious.

Also, what cam will give more power and torque in a stock but not be so rummpety, rump as the sound clip. Solid lifter perfered! The lope separation really make em idle nice, you are going to want a convertor with more stall than stock though.

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And as for the question I used a crane energizer in myyou have to watch and not get too crazy on the lift because there is minimal valve to piston clearance. My motor idles with a little rump to it and ran like it had a lot more cubes than When I changed heads and cr to it really changed the note and performance. I still use this cam with the setup below and love it.Red Goat Tribal Scout. USA 12 Posts.

Bob Kaplan Cochise. USA Posts. Taman Red Bird.

COMP Cams Xtreme Energy Camshafts 12-242-2

Christ Howling Wind. P-Body Running Bear. Pontiac Dude Sitting Bull. Vanmor Crazy Horse. Vid Kicking Horse. Phil The Great White Buffalo. Steve C. Save Password. It is not good at the stop lights. I have to idle up too much or DIE! I do not want to change cams and get right back into the same condition as now. I prefer the extra top end rpm. XE with AC. It has a wine glass idle and it will wake up your TA. The Magnum is a dated cam for high cr Chevys.

The surgeon general said nothing about smokin a chevy With stock converter and gears, I agree. Use the smaller cam. You will be happy with the extra power and more modern design. If I were to change my cam, I would contact a good engine builder and let him give you a custom ground cam.

There are several on this site. You are always better off having a cam designed to your combination. I asked Jim about the and he indicated it was not as good and was the "Red headed step child".

It's the stuff you learn after you know it all that's important. Thanks, Bob, Taman, Mike Very good feed back from all of you. Taman's idea to contact a good engine builder on this site is good, but how do I go about contacting one of these men?

Do I just wait for a reply to the original post or do I have a way to contact through this site? I do not who they are. Large increase on the top side with little effect on the lower end. Will Comp Cams Grind such a cam for me? Is the Desk Top Dyno 5 cam recommendation fairly reliable everything else being the same engine? I have not been on this site but since July 4,but slowly learning.

Your cam also needs to match your torque converter.Due to shipper and supplier delays, your order may take longer to arrive. If you are an international customer who ships to a US address choose "United States delivery" and we will estimate your ship dates accordingly. If you are an international customer and would like to change the currency that prices are displayed in, you can do so here.


Image is a representation of this item. Actual item may vary. Change Currency. Loading Today Estimated International Date Check Fit. Manufacturer's Part Number: Part Type: Camshafts. UPC: Cam Style: Hydraulic flat tappet. Intake Duration at inch Lift: Exhaust Duration at inch Lift: Duration at inch Lift: int. Advertised Intake Duration: Advertised Exhaust Duration: Advertised Duration: int. Lobe Separation degrees : Computer-Controlled Compatible: No.

Valve Springs Required: Yes.

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Quantity: Sold individually. Whether your use is off-roading, towing, or street performance, there's an Xtreme Energy cam available for you.

By using an aggressive lobe profile, these cams provide better throttle response and more top-end horsepower than equivalent cams from other manufacturers—while delivering increased engine vacuum. Hundreds of models are available for fitment on vehicles from to the present.

Select the cam designed for your application. I have a Customer Service question order, shipping, returns, etc.


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